Cary M Fashions: Crafting Elegance Since 2005

Established in 2005, the company known as Cary M Fashions specializes in a wide spectrum of designs and manufacturing, including upscale daywear, casual wear, formal evening clothing, and even bridal gowns. In addition to these options, the company offers beginner-friendly sewing classes and guidelines for pattern drafting.

This business has its roots in the founder’s high school years, when a love of dressing up for occasions like spring festivals and Valentine’s celebrations first took hold. She started creating the ensembles she wanted to wear for various events around this period. Her mother and she would then work together to turn these concepts into wearable items. Her desire to learn more about the fashion industry grew out of her personal passion, and she decided to pursue higher education in the area.

Her journey took a significant turn during her second year of study, as her aptitude for design and sewing became increasingly evident. She even began wearing her own creations to school, church, and weddings. This practice caught the attention of those around her, leading to requests from others for garments similar to what she wore. This marked the genesis of her entrepreneurial endeavours and the gradual expansion of her clientele. Financial incentives also played a motivating role in her decision to establish Cary M.

Her father believed in her so much that he bought her an industrial sewing machine. Till this day, her father is still servicing the machines, he is also part of the word of mouth, especially when he was still working and he is also a biggest financial support in the business/marketing, including her aunt Khanyi Zungu, who sponsored her first fashion show.

Her initials, Carol Mohlala, are combined to form the name Cary M. Her family and her discussed a variety of names before deciding on this short yet significant one.

Central to the success of Cary M Fashions is its commitment to competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. The age-old power of word-of-mouth promotion has also significantly contributed to the brand’s growth. However, not without its challenges, the brand has faced instances where clients requested unreasonable discounts or failed to make timely payments, while simultaneously expecting swift order deliveries.

To thrive in this industry, consistency and collaboration with other designers remain pivotal. A genuine passion for the world of fashion, an openness to innovation, and a keen eye for emerging trends are also crucial traits to uphold.

The digital age has ushered in significant changes, enabling Cary M Fashions to operate primarily online. This shift has simplified the process, allowing clients to place orders and make payments remotely, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. Social media has been a cornerstone of the brand’s marketing strategy, in addition to the ever-effective method of word-of-mouth referrals.

Effective communication with clients and a respectful acknowledgment of their preferences have proven indispensable skills. The founder draws inspiration from a multitude of sources, particularly art and her surroundings. Emotions and sensations also play a role, where personal experiences like feeling the heat of summer lead her to design lightweight, comfortable garments that provide protection from the sun.

Despite the highs and lows of the journey, facing the fear of failure continues to be a hard obstacle. However, the founder’s perseverance and involvement with other designers have proven crucial in overcoming such challenges.

Success for Cary M Fashions has been defined by the sense of pride that comes from being one’s own boss and in charge of a developing business. This accomplishment, which was based on constancy and self-belief, is proof of her commitment. An unrivalled amount of fulfilment is derived from seeing clients smile, watching her designs come to life, and watching her business and design aspirations come true.

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