Dacache Graphics: Where creativity meets strategy

Founded by Helder Dacache, Dacache Graphics is a group of enthusiastic and skilled designers dedicated to assisting their customers in realising their marketing and branding objectives through amazing visual design.

Dacache is a design and print company which specialises in branding and personalised materials just as corporate gifting, packaging, business branding. They customise anything that helps you set yourself apart or expose your brand.

The idea of the business came about mainly through observation, and as a person who loves art and design, Helder identified a gap in the market. His key driving force to become an entrepreneur was creativity and accumulation of ideas to challenge the dominant narrative.

Helder believes that he is “the brand” and that the name of his business accurately describes who he is. The business collaborates with other companies to grow its clientele, and it also runs sporadic brand-awareness initiatives on its website and on social media.

The Dacache team mostly uses the internet to sell the company. Facebook and other social media sites appear to have so far offered the most potential. The staff strives for quality and always goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of the client. Within the company, their work ethics are quite consistent.

Helder said that his enthusiasm is the only thing that fuels him, and he develops new ideas by enabling himself to be adaptable in his strategy and staying current with market changes to establish a basis for what he should be doing next.

When asked about his greatest fear, and how he manages it, he replied, “The opposite of fear is faith, and faith is just knowledge. Fear is caused by unfamiliar territories due to limited information. I manage fear by always upgrading my understanding of the business so that I am familiar with things as much as possible so that I do not have to live in fear. After all, fear will not change my outcome.

For me success is not a destination, but rather an experience achievable on a daily basis. Success is the knowledge that I have faithfully done what I set myself to do everyday.”

His favourite aspect of being an employer is getting to explore without restrictions, because he believes that being an entrepreneur gives you an opportunity to live life to your fullest.

“The most satisfying moment has been to have our work recognised by high profile individuals,” said Helder.

Few reasons to choose Dacache Graphics:

  • Creative Expertise
  • Personalised Approach
  • Attention to Detail
  • Timely Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Exceptional Customer Service

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