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Dispute Resolution Policy

  1. About this Dispute Resolution PolicyOurlives Marketplace strives to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience across our marketplace. However, disputes between customers and sellers and/or Ourlives Marketplace will occasionally occur. This policy provides guidance to customers on how to report issues or complaints and resolve disputes.
  2. How can I report an issue or complaint?To report an issue or a complaint you may contact Ourlives Marketplace customer service by WhatsApp or Call on 081 255 8905
  3. What happens after I report an issue or complaint?After you report and issue or a complaint, Ourlives Marketplace shall take the following steps:
    • Record the following information for purposes of keeping you updated and tracking the issue:
      •     your name and contact details; and
      •     the nature of the issue
    • Issue a reference number for the complaint for tracking purposes.
    • Send you regular email updates on the steps taken to resolve the issue, in the event that it is not resolved upon first contact.
    • Notify you via email once the matter has been resolved and seek your confirmation of your level of satisfaction with resolution.
  4. What happens if my issue or complaint is not resolved to my satisfaction?Where possible, we will attempt to resolve issues at the first point of contact with the customer service team.The customer service team may request additional information from you and they will investigate the issue, considering all relevant circumstances and information available.In the event that the issue is not resolved within 48 hours of your first contact, it will be automatically escalated to the customer experience team as the final level of escalation. We endeavour to resolve all issues within 5 business days of your first contact.
  5. Can I contact sellers directly?Ourlives Marketplace will make every effort to contact sellers to resolve customer complaints on behalf of our customers. However if these efforts are unsuccessful, customers may also request direct contact details for sellers, by contacting customer service.
  6. What if a seller does not cooperate in the dispute resolution process?Any seller that fails to cooperate in good faith to resolve a customer’s complaint may have its seller account restricted or terminated.

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