Empowering Women Through Timeless Fashion

In commemoration of youth month, we delve into Munkus, a South African luxury brand launched in 2019 by Thando Ntuli-Sommie, a creative hailing from Soweto. Munkus offers ready-to-wear collections that can be layered into versatile looks for any occasion.

The Munkus label was founded with a vision to empower everyday women through craftsmanship, providing garments that instil comfort and confidence. Rooted in integrity, novelty, and quality, Munkus allows individuals to connect with their humble beginnings.

Ntuli’s designs tell stories through bold colours, prints, and classic silhouettes inspired by South African fashion from the 80s and 90s. Her work has garnered attention from the local industry, earning her titles such as SA Fashion Week New Talent 2022, Design Indaba Emerging Creatives Class of 2022, and the winner of the AllFashion Sourcing Young Designer Competition in 2021.

When asked about her brand’s target audience, philosophy, and aesthetic, Thando highlighted its emphasis on women. She explained that Munkus strives to close the generational divide by providing quality bespoke pieces that can be inherited and styled uniquely to cater to each age group. The collection encapsulates the essence of every woman’s journey, enabling them to express themselves and project their desired persona with confidence, featuring vibrant colours and striking prints.

The essence of sustainability in Munkus garments lies in their ability to improve over time. Unlike the disposable nature of “fast fashion”, the brand transcends trends and remains relevant throughout the years. Their foundation fabrics, including linen and cotton, along with durable bull denim and specially treated printed fabrics, are chosen to withstand the test of time.

Munkus strongly believes in the concept of timeless fashion, embracing the notion of aging gracefully, much like fine wine. Their denim exemplifies this philosophy, maturing beautifully with each passing year.

In a recent showcase, Thando unveiled her latest collection, “Umama Wami” which translates to “My Mother”, designed for AW 2023.This collection pays homage to her mother and the various roles she embodies, including nurturer, healer, giver, fighter, and leader.

Ntuli has achieved noteworthy milestones in the realm of design, including securing the prestigious ‘Most Fashionable Commercial Range’ accolade from Truworths in 2019, earning the esteemed title of ‘AllFashion Sourcing Designer of the Year’ in 2021, and receiving the honour of showcasing her work in Paris in 2023.

Thando firmly believes that the future of fashion lies in Africa’s hands, reflecting her passion and commitment to the industry.

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