Exclusive Couch ZA: Living in style

Khumo Mphaka founded Exclusive Couch ZA, a division of a 100% black-owned entity Exclusive Group. Operating in the furniture sector, Mphaka credits his high entrepreneurial desire to build a solid clientele that will enable her brand to be the best in the industry as the driving force behind starting her business.

Mphaka adds, “Exclusive Group was established to bridge the gap between the upper, middle, and lower class in terms of providing quality home-styled products that would be affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of their social status.”

His vision and goal further validate why Statista Market Forecast projected that the South African furniture sector would grow by 12.90% (2023-2027) as the industry shifts and new opportunities emerge.

Fortunately for Mphaka, his driving force toward being an entrepreneur in an ever-evolving industry is his wish to create and build something that would generate opportunities and employment for other people.

When asked about the name, he points out that he wanted a name that stands out, explains why he is in business and sets the brand apart.

Getting the marketing right

Other than the design, quality, and service, their competitive advantage is that Exclusive couches & Exclusive carpets is an online based business. It is marketed on social media platforms because this is the easiest way to communicate the products to potential and existing clients. “We want to be socially present by using billboards all over social media makes it easier for clients to connect and resonate with the brand,” Mphaka elaborates.

Mphaka notes that his customer base is built by investing in quality customer service. “As a company, we pride ourselves in providing a quality customer service experience for our clients as we understand once you remain rememberable to your clients, you will forever have growth in the business and will also be able to retain your trusted clients throughout the years,” he emphasises.

Mphaka is motivated by his need to build a generational business with a lasting footprint in the global market. For him, this is one way to ensure and provide the means to secure generational wealth for those that come after him.

Despite his success, like all entrepreneurs, he has fears. His greatest fear is not being able to live out his full potential as an individual. “The thought of looking back at my life and saying “I should have” or “Why didn’t I,” scares me. I always want to challenge and push myself to greater heights, and what fuels this is the spirit and power of prayer- it keeps me focused and grounded.”

Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped him. When it comes to success, he interprets success as the ability to become who you have set out to be in life. “It doesn’t always have to be about money. Success can be the achievement of set goals, spiritual growth, and the ability to take steps to ensure that you become a better version of yourself every day.”
The journey might not always be easy, but there are satisfying moments, for Mphaka creating a brand that clients can easily talk about on social media with ease and having them express their satisfaction with their encounter with the brand is his most satisfying moment.

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