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Freshmo: mouthwash on the go

Freshmo Brands, was founded by Paul Masilo, an entrepreneur who saw entrepreneurship as an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives especially people of Africa. True to this, FreshMo is the first black-owned township manufacturer of mouthwash on the African continent.

For Masilo, the fact that mouthwash is currently manufactured by companies from outside Africa didn’t sit well with him. He says, “Africa is capable of manufacturing goods and products that are needed by Africans locally. So why don’t we?”

As a response, Masilo took freshness on the go by manufacturing and packaging Freshmo mouthwash in a sachet- a move that redefined the meaning of convenience.

His entrepreneurial journey has taught him patience, especially when building a brand and business, However, above everything Masilo adds that God is faithful because he has been instrumental in the success of the business he entrusted him with.

Quality first

Masilo’s mouthwash formula is formulated under the leadership and guidance of Professor David Katerere. Furthermore, Freshmo is trademarked and tested by SABS through the University of Limpopo and is endorsed by Proudly South Africa.

If you are looking for mouthwash on the go, Freshmo is available in spearmint and peppermint, with other exciting flavors in the development and testing phases. It can be found at the following place:

  • www.onedayonly.co.za
  • WhatsApp: 068 675 1856
  • Ben-chem Pharmacy, 44 Harpur Avenue Benoni
  • Dawn Park Takeaway at Dawn Park Shopping  Centre

Other products under the FreshMo Brand include FreshMake, a cosmetic range that will be launched soon. Masilo is proving that Africa is capable of making products Africa needs on African soil.

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