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Innovative entrepreneurship is the order of the day in an unstable economy. This is according to entrepreneur Lehubedu Lemo Mohlabe better known as ‘MrCoffeeToCar.’

Mohlabe’s innovative business idea is to offer motorists on Corner Voortrekker street and Marais avenue on the R55 road in Pretoria a unique coffee experience that has made him a successful entrepreneur. His business is simple, he serves Coffee/Hot chocolate to motorists in the comfort of their cars.

Mohlabe got his idea when he was going to a job in Isando and he had biscuits but nothing to drink. To remedy this he had to go out of his way to get coffee from a coffee place that added an additional 25min to his trip.  He explains that this inconvenience gave him the idea to find a convenient solution, basically, he could be that guy at the traffic light offering coffee directly to motorists, saving them time.

He adds,”The inconvenience gave me the idea to find a convenient solution. In line, while waiting to pay for the coffee, I looked at everyone who had coffee and that gave me an idea of my market. Basically I will be that guy at the traffic light offering coffee directly to motorists.”

When asked how he built a successful customer base, he credits the role his extensive experience in the hospitality industry played in helping him get it right. “My personality should be fitting to the market. I am a people person,” he adds.

Like most entrepreneurs, Mohlabe markets his business on social media using various content from videos to posts about his day and business. He says,  “I show people exactly what I do and it’s a very honest story of my hunger for success. I want to see CoffeeToCar be a success story and be able to empower people by creating employment.”


Motivation to succeed

He is motivated by life because he believes that it gives you what it wants, and you have to work with it. For him, it’s either you adapt or die!

He adds that there have been challenges along the way. He explains, “the weather not having a trailer is challenging during the rainy season for my health and equipment.”

Even though his business is on a street corner, he defines success as a convenience and being able to equip others to also be able to fish. For him, the most satisfying moment is the ability to pay his children’s school fees. Furthermore, the highlight of his journey is that he gets to apply his mind and knowledge unreservedly.

So what does the future hold for ‘MrCoffeeToCar?

“I got bit by the business bug so the only thing I’m obsessed about is business. so I’m going to be a successful person who also helps empower others to realise their dream. I’m going to make sure that  ‘CoffeeToCar’ becomes a household name.”

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