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Risky Mashigo

Impilo Plus Insurance: Valuing People over Profits

Risky Mashigo is a South African business executive with experience in ISP telecommunications, IT infrastructure, and financial services. He was one of UK CEO Magazine’s nominees for SA CEO of the Year in 2021.

His greatest strength is his capacity to bring out the best in others. He is a risk-averse, goal-driven leader who leads with efficacy. He is a supporter of altruism and is wholly in favour of CSI initiatives being a part of business culture.

Founded in March 2020, Impilo Plus Insure marked the beginning of a dream coming true and a vision being tested. Risky has a solid history in customer service, project management, and team management. In order to provide seamless client service, the organization strives for excellence.

With a strict hand, the CEO governs this small workforce. They are one of the funeral policy schemes in South Africa that has dared to exist and been bold enough to disturb the status quo. They are always searching for ways to improve the service and experience we provide to our stakeholders and community. Their policies are reasonable, straightforward, and intentional, much like their target market.

They are a company that administers funeral policies with a subsidiary called Impilo memorial stones that sells, manufactures, and installs tombstones and memorial stones.

The launch of this business was motivated by instances in the market where people who were regarded as being in the lower income bracket were treated as second-class citizens when it came to service and priority, they were not communicated with in a language they could understand, they were frustrated by the service providers due to disconnect in communication channels, and some were ghosted and ignored to the point they felt the need to take extreme actions.

Building a financial services company that will disrupt the existing quo, deliver high-quality, customized service offerings, be inclusive, and have a brand that speaks (Language-Africa) while still being understood by the rest of the world is what Risky is focusing his attention on right now.

Mission of Impilo Plus Insurance

  • Being favoured by a majority of communities.
  • To continuously enhance systems and fully adapt strategies to the needs of the client.
  • To continue building long-lasting relationships with clients in order to grow database.
  • To create a scalable, lucrative firm with the resources to provide stakeholders and clients with world-class services.

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