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Jooa Scents a signature of identity_

Jooa Scents a signature of identity

Mawisa Nkuna founded Jooa Scents, premium fragrances that resonate with one’s innermost self to become a signature of identity. Nkuna explains that the company offers a curated selection of timeless perfumes, body care products, home environment products, scented candles, and other genderless grooming products.

When asked how Jooa Scents came about, Nkuna says that at 11 he had his first encounter with luxury fragrances. “I’ve always adored good scents and bought expensive perfumes every time I could. Molding this passion into a business made sense,” he explains. In 2022, he dreamt of being a part of an organisation that made perfumes, and little did he know that the organisation would be Jooa Scents.

The name Jooa (Jooa Scents), which means “established by God” despite the unfortunate circumstances around it was ideal for the company name because it is definitely “Established by God.” Other than his faith, he is driven by the desire to create affordable quality fragrant products that compete with established and expensive brands.

Even though he offers a necessity, establishing a successful customer base was challenging. “I had to find people who would be open to trying out my scents voluntarily. So I started with family members and friends, gifting them their 1st bottles as try-outs and if they liked it they’d have to buy the 2nd bottle. They simply came back for more, so I tried social media too. They too kept coming back for more. and the rest is history,” he shares.

Doing business in such a competitive industry has its challenges.

“Just like in every saturated industry, the biggest trial thus far is solidifying our very first store. With e-commerce stores taking over the retail era, we’ve always wanted to acquire our traditional walk-in store feel, but with rental spaces being expensive, getting the right store with a good traffic ratio seems pretty much our biggest challenge thus far.”

What has this taught him? “Having a strict background in science and engineering, the department of sales, marketing, and account was never my strong point. Since entering into this space, I’ve had to discipline myself to properly account for everything. With help from a couple of short courses in business management, I’ve modeled myself into being the accountable being I am today,” he admits.

Nkuna would advise aspiring entrepreneurs to fully understand the reason behind why they want to be entrepreneurs. “You need to understand that you doing this for the long run and expect that the good and bad, there will be dry days, but those are the good ones because they teach you to go in even harder, to come out even stronger and to forever give the world a better version of you and the product, every day.”

With the changing entrepreneurial landscape, things have become difficult as time passes. However, with a large number of entrepreneurs trying to do the same thing, one thing remains consistent the longer you are in the industry, the higher the difficulty level rises. “It’s a cut throat industry however, you consistently need to remind the world why YOU ARE THIER BEST CHOICE,” he asserts.

The only way to stand out in a saturated industry is through innovative marketing. For Nkuna the best way to market the business is to make sure that you selling the best products or offering the best service, and the best way to do that is to be better than the last time they saw you.

“People will always flock to the camp that’s consistently doing better than before. Let the people see you’re out there and have them witness you bring a better version of what you’re offering every time they do so.”

With a supportive and inclusive corporate culture, this is attainable. At Jooa Scents they operate under the theme of quality and excellence, so much so that there is a set standard to launch only the finest of what they love and would be proud to wear. That is why every Jooa Scent is curated with precision of the highest standard.

“I know making a sale seems very exciting, but having someone come back to buy again because they enjoyed the first experience, gives me great joy. To me, that shows me my team and I have done an excellent job,” Nkuna concludes.

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