Kaone Naturals: Effective natural hair and skin care solutions

Beverly Motjeng is the proud founder of Kaone Naturals. A hair and skin care product range that addresses scalp and hair challenges and various skin issues. An idea birthed from Motjeng’s need to find haircare solutions for her daughter.

Motjeng says, “I vowed to learn how to make products that can help heal her scalp and maintain her hair.” She adds, “My products are there not only to help with hair growth and maintenance but also to help with scalp issues.”

What sets Kaone Naturals apart is the quality, attention to detail, and care Motjeng puts into creating quality products that work.

Kaone Naturals are there to help with hair loss that is affecting the young and old. The products address premature balding, and scalp issues, and other products within the range help with skin issues. “Hair loss after childbirth.’ Dipudi mo tlhogong tsa bana’. Some of them help with dry lips and Piling lips. They moisturise,” Motjena adds.

Motjeng’s entrepreneurial journey was inspired by the hair struggles that led to her that resulted in her being mocked and called unprofessional and/or ‘sechiri.’

Starting the haircare brand was sparked by a need to find solutions that work, and her desire to succeed, not just for herself but also for her daughter.

Kaone Naturals’ position in the market is to teach and help individuals who want effective hair or skin solutions.

When asked about her entrepreneurship journey Motjeng says, “You never stop learning. I always make sure to learn about new ingredients and innovative ways to tackle a variety of hair or skin ailments.” She explains that she also gets clients who lost their hair because of dreads, fortunately, she is here for everyone.

Her secret to success is simple. She encourages entrepreneurs in this sector to read, take notes, and learn different types of hair and skin issues and master them. She emphasises that entrepreneurs must not let society define them.

When asked about the future, Motjena says that her customers can expect a few developments with the Kaone Naturals brand as she plans to launch new products. She is also planning to expand from just a mobile salon to also have a walk-in space.

“With the exposure and opportunity you as Ourlives Marketplace is giving us, the sky is not the limit,” she concludes.

Since conception till now, Motjeng has been true to her desire to uphold Kaone Naturals’ vision to make their beauty Kaone’s duty.

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