Levi Mnguni, The man behind Thuto Stationery.

Levi Mnguni is the founder of Thuto Stationery, a company that produces unique and authentic quality stationery across South Africa. They are an African stationery brand, made for Africans, by Africans.

At Thuto Stationery core values are not just words, they are a way of life and the way they perform in everything that they do, Thier vision at Thuto Stationery, is to become the leaders in innovative, modernized and authentic stationery by cultivating the spirit of integrity, culture and artistry.

“As an adult, I still remember all my school experiences and how much stationery formed a part of those memories. Remembering how we were all required to cover our standard schoolbooks with covers. We have all been there, whether as a child or a parent who had do the covering itself.
I recall having to cover my books in plain brown paper, and more so, how much this affected my confidence. You see, where I come from, if you went to school with your books covered in plain brown paper, it really was a representation to others that you came from a poor family.

With our Thuto Stationery book range especially, there is no covering needed at all, and most importantly, we can empower the learners and students who use them. I believe Thuto Stationery is revolutionizing the way in which learners and students experience a personalised touch, instilling an overall positive attitude and experience with the materials needed throughout their learning journey. ” said Mnguni

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