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L&M Removals – Providing the best movements

Oscar Magudulela discovered he could launch a removals business while working as an operations supervisor for a transportation company. Now, Magudulela is the owner of L&M Removals, the office and home furniture removal business he and his wife founded.

In 2010, the company started a furniture removals operation that was limited to the Mpumalanga Province’s Nelspruit region. The founder of the company worked in the furniture removals industry for more than ten years before leaving to pursue other opportunities. He then took the initiative to start a removal service and placed the start-up funds and stock into it.

When Magudulela launched his company, he became aware of a market gap caused by the absence of black-owned moving companies. The business needed more than R650,000 to get off the ground. By 2016, Magudulela required R2.5 million for both capital projects and operating expenses. Fortunately, the company received funds from the National Empowerment Fund.

As a consequence of his expertise with service demand and this investment, he was able to buy a fleet of enclosed trucks in various sizes as well as the packaging materials and accompanying removals equipment required for effective operation. L&M Furniture Removals (Pty) Ltd was established when the business hired its first eight skilled personnel. The business has expanded greatly and established itself throughout the nation and beyond.

The expansion of resources and the workforce as a whole have made this possible. Taking into account the demand base and the business projections, it became imperative to move the company to Midrand, Gauteng, which is a hub for the provision of removal services.

Due to the operating staff’s expertise, education, and experience, L&M Removals has established a reputation as a dependable and high-quality service provider. This has provided the business the chance to deal with some well-known clients, including:

    • The Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA)
    • South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and Public Investment Corporation (PIC) (SABC)
    • Airports Corporation South Africa; Lanseria International Airport (ACSA)
    • South African Commission on Human Rights (SAHRC)

The company has been providing “the best movements” and its clientele has expanded as a result of its social media presence. Magudulela describes how, using the wisdom he has gained over the years, he has been motivated to keep his business thriving by author Adam Grant. Oscar shared 5 tips that every entrepreneur needs to apply in their business

  1. Have an idea

This ought to be the beginning. You must be aware of where you want to begin. It must be problem-solving oriented, and you must determine whether you can develop that concept further and turn it into a workable proposal.

  1. Feasibility exercise

Prospective business owners should be able to do a feasibility study to determine how innovative their idea is and whether it will meet a need.

  1. Have a clear blueprint

A business strategy needs to include information on your competitors and the state of your market.

  1. Show your commitment

Aspiring business owners must be extremely committed. You must give up something; it needn’t be materialistic; it could even be time. Early in the morning is when I find myself most creative, working longer hours than necessary. You need to be adaptable and willing to put in extra effort.

  1. You need to be resilient

To see a concept through to completion, you must have perseverance. You must be extremely passionate about this endeavour.

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