Mbali Nwoko. Source: Twitter Account @MbaliNwoko

Mbali Nwoko, A woman who owns and works her land

Mbali Nwoko, 31, of Sunninghill in Johannesburg is the CEO of Green Terrace, a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Level 1 agribusiness focussing on primary crop farming.

Mbali was introduced to the world of farming by a friend, who revealed all the available opportunities in the agricultural sector. As a determined entrepreneur, she then researched the farming industry and founded her agribusiness Green Terrace in 2016.

“My journey began by leasing 2ha of farmland and my first crop was Swiss chard, a few months later, I then grew my enterprise to producing on 14ha (8ha arable) diversifying to green peppers, baby marrows and green beans.” said Mbali

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