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Meet the Founder and CEO of Lemok Electronics: Lebogang Mokubela

Lebogang has always been passionate about innovation and technology. He personally saw the revolutionary potential of technology while growing up in South Africa, especially for residents of underserved neighbourhoods. After his first business failed at the age of 19, Lebogang joined Perx Agency (a brand activation firm) as a Junior Creative in 2012. Lebogang was given exposure to strategic areas of brands including 8.ta (formerly Telkom Mobile) and Lenovo South Africa when he was elevated to director of strategy two years later.

This is where Lebogang’s love of electronics and telecommunications was first sparked. In 2014, he formed Lemok Group after leaving his position. Lemok Agency, a marketing specialised agency for shopping centres and funeral homes, was the first division to be established. Lebogang observed that many consumers were purchasing devices more specifically in 2017 due to the Black Friday mania.

In 2019, electronics and gadgets accounted for around 21% of all Black Friday sales in South Africa. The realisation that most of the electronic brands sold within Africa are not African-manufactured and do not necessarily cater uniquely to African challenges, sparked the birth of Lemok Electronics.

Lebogang started Lemok Electronics with the goal of bringing technology to all Africans. The Covid-19 outbreak and related lockdowns unfortunately compelled them to halt operations the year they introduced their first smartphone.

Lebogang has been the momentum behind the team’s dedication to innovation, accessibility, and community empowerment ever since he founded Lemok Electronics. To fulfil the needs of Africans who are switching from feature to internet-enabled smartphones, the team has been working hard over the past three years to build their new flagship device, the Lehumo smart feature phone. They have also added a variety of high-quality accessories to their product line-up.

Nevertheless, Lebogang’s ambition extends beyond only producing cutting-edge goods. He is also aware of the value of developing trusting connections with stakeholders and customers. He therefore actively participates in all facets of the company, from product development to sales and marketing. He is dedicated to developing a work environment that encourages innovation, teamwork, and social impact.

The goal at Lemok Electronics is to provide cutting-edge, dependable, and reasonably priced products that give consumers the tools they need to build a better future. The team at Lemok Electronics are committed to providing technology that is available and simple to use because they believe that everyone should have the chance to make use of the strength and promise of contemporary technology.

Their core values are based on a dedication to excellence, dependability, and accessibility. They are committed to establishing lasting bonds of respect, trust, and mutual profit with their clients and business partners. They believe that by making technology available to all Africans, they can help open a world of possibilities and create a brighter future for everyone. They are passionate about technology and its ability to alter lives.

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