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Moses Tembe: Reaching out to the less fortunate

Hailing from the Northern KwaZulu Natal area of Jozini, Moses Tembe is a South African business mogul who is involved in a wide range of industries including fast food, oil and gas, gaming and real estate. He graduated from UNISA with a BA in Public Administration and Political Science, and he also successfully completed the University of Cape Town’s Caltex Business Management Course. Mr. Tembe was awarded the Investec Bank/Sunday Tribune Entrepreneur Award in 2002.

Moses Tembe has held the following positions:

  1. Secretary General & Vice President of the KZN branch of National African Federated Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Chief Credit Controller of KwaZulu Finance Corporation.
  3. President of Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  4. Independent Non-Executive Director and Lead Independent Director of Beige Holdings Limited.
  5. Founding Member of Durban Growth Coalition (Central Committee spearheading overseas development projects in Durban).
  6. Director of Durban Infrastructural Development Trust (Durban Infrastructure Development Trust)
  7. Non-Executive and Independent Director of Santova Logistics Limited (Santova Logistics (Pty) Ltd)
  8. Independent Non-executive Director of Mr. Price Group Limited

Often, when we think of people who “give back to their communities,” we think of social workers, caregivers, and religious leaders. Of course, these people are all crucial in creating a functioning and compassionate society, but we don’t often think about entrepreneurs.

But in countries like South Africa, where the unemployment rate is so high and more than half of the youth are actively looking for work, it is individuals like Moses Tembe who “give back” in one of the most significant and long-lasting ways, by creating jobs where none previously existed.

Moses oversaw the construction of the Jozini Tiger Estate as chair of the KZN Growth Coalition. But beyond the good he accomplished by giving local residents in his community jobs. He also understands the value of education and is dedicated to assisting young start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Tembe served as the chairman of the Greater Durban Community Foundation, a non-profit organization that works around Durban to support education. He also served as the chairman of the eThekwini Community Foundation, whose goal is to assist community-based organizations in developing long-term initiatives that will create jobs or other sources of income for budding or marginalized NPOs. He continues to be a reputable and well-respected Chairman and Director of numerous companies in the retail, manufacturing, real estate, tourist, shipping, and engineering industries.

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