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Mzansi flavored animation

Rams Comics, based in Johannesburg, is a 2D animation and multimedia studio that uses animation to cook and serve African stories. Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur, writer, voice-over artist, and sound producer Jonas Lekganyane.

The vision is clear- create a unique creative hub that showcases the essence of Mzansi’s culture. The content they produce entertains, educates, and promotes good health but more importantly, it supports business development.

With just under a decade of experience, the animation studio has become one of the most efficient animation houses in South Africa. Its unique selling point and competitive advantage is that it promotes African-inspired animations. It has found an innovative way to tell SA stories with a local flavor but still appeals to the global market.

Lekganyane’s signature online animation series ‘The Adventures of Noko Mashaba’ has become a household name thanks to witty, diverse, authentic, and unique characters that celebrate various cultures.

The Adventures of Noko Mashaba chronicles the eventful life of Noko Mashaba, a quick-witted and sharp-tongued teenager, as well as his eccentric family. The show’s unique blend of humour and social commentary and the use of satire and parody has made it a favourite. It has won several awards including Best Online Content at the prestigious South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs). Furthermore, it consistently ranks among the most-watched video content with over 200 million views across the internet and has garnered millions of followers in South Africa and neighboring countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, & Namibia.

Other signature offerings that are in the work include:

A web series about three “house-smart” roaches that need to band together to save their flourishing home from looming fumigation, This surge in population causes panic and threatens to upend their way of life.

This is a hilarious yet tragic tale of a dysfunctional family trying to survive in the most impoverished part of society, where service delivery is a myth and witchcraft is common.

After School follows a group of high school students as they navigate their last year of school, with characters from diverse backgrounds, spanning from impoverished to wealthy families.

Just like the animations, Rams Comics is all about bringing a little laughter and fun. Its core goal is to animate it up – Mzansi style!

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