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Nibblepack: tailor-made solutions for each client

Niblepack is a business that specialises in food diversity across various diets and provides everything edible in one packet.

Founded in 2019 by wellness foodie Irene Disemelo, Nibblepack brings a unique approach to food and beverage services.

According to Disemelo, the business is an answer to a lack of healthy fast-food options. “I had forgotten my lunch box at home and didn’t have the time to prepare one the day before. I thought if only there were a healthy food company that would help me meal prep meals according to my diet. In my search for a meal-prep company, I got inspired to create something that would speak to many others like myself. A food service that prepares meals for individuals according to their dietary needs.”

Her entrepreneurial journey was also sparked by her need to shine brighter and in a unique way. Disemelo says, “I wanted to see my full potential, what I could create outside of what already exists. So, in summary, it was the need for growth and going beyond the fear.”

Nibblepack, she explains, was created to serve customers based on their dietary needs. “the impact we are making goes beyond food; some of our clients are going through life-changing experiences that require them to either start or adjust their eating habits / lifetyle.”

She explains that the name Nibblepack sums up her idea of having everything healthy and edible all in one place. “It was all about offering various options to snack/nibble on that can be delivered in one packet, a “nibble-pack,” she adds.

Reaching the right customer.

Operating in the food space meant Disemelo needed to listen and work with her customers. It also required her to be flexible to work with whatever change they are going through and because of the high customer satisfaction, they naturally spread the word of how Nibblepack has changed their life. Today Nibblepack offers meal prepping made easy anywhere in Gauteng.

However, even a solid foundation doesn’t keep the fear at bay. For Disemelo, the idea of ever having to give up scares her. she elaborates, “I manage it by reminding myself that giving up is a choice and that failing isn’t the same as giving up or walking away.”

Success for her is having created something that continues to grow. She defines growth as; reaching more clients, employing more staff, and scaling into other areas. In summary, continuous growth is my definition of success. There is no formula on how to be a successful entrepreneur. When I started, I invested much time learning about entrepreneurship, product development, and branding.

However, she adds that she found that the more time she spent acquiring the knowledge on how to do it, the more it created anxiety. “So the best formula to entrepreneurship is just “jump” don’t overthink it, and don’t spend too much time trying to learn how it works. Just do something! The rest will follow. The ideas will come, and the strategies will come. You already have everything you need – it’s YOU.

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