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Ourlives Marketplace: Bigger and better

The newly revamped Ourlives Marketplace is bigger and better. It has a new look and feel and an interactive interface specifically built for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to support local brands.

When Thabang and Mathapelo Moye, founded the digital marketplace in 2020, the goal was to build the most trusted destination for local businesses. Four years later, the digital marketplace has transformed into a platform that allows thousands of people to connect online and offline. They took it a step further and created a safe and convenient platform that enables entrepreneurs to sell their unique local products or provide services without having to jump through any hoops.

True to their vision, Ourlives Marketplace is about removing the red tape and giving entrepreneurs a fair chance by removing the bureaucracy. It supports local businesses by helping them tailor the marketing strategy that fits their budget but still meets their objectives.

The digital marketplace is a melting pot of well-established SA brands and newbies. It’s about putting everyone on the stage and helping them succeed. Its unique offering is that it’s all about helping entrepreneurs regardless of what they offer increase their digital foot traffic and help them clench that deal or sale.

What is new?

– Entrepreneurs can list their businesses on the site (Products and Services)
– Target the right customers online by choosing from Online Banners, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
– They can advertise on the site or any of the social media platforms for a reasonable price
– They get exposure in the form of content marketing, whether it is through articles or video interviews.

Through their YouTube channel and online articles unique stories of aspiring entrepreneurs, put a face to the brands you are supporting as well as share how others are getting it right or overcoming some of the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

Ourlives Marketplace goes the extra mile by offering various comprehensive tailored marketing services that meet each client’s needs and objectives without breaking the bank.

If you are wondering if this is for you, stop! The digital marketplace is for individuals who want to plow back and support local businesses while learning and drawing inspiration from others.

It is often said that if you want to go far don’t go at it alone and this is evident. Ourlives Marketplace is about collaborations and leveraging the talent and opportunities Mzansi has to offer. Do your part and join this growing digital network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers who are actively searching for local brands.

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