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Pota Yoga and Fresh Sip patronage for a healthy lifestyle

Kgarose Kgaros (Pty) Ltd founded in 2016 in Limpopo by Kgarose Edward Molatelo, an award winner of the Shoprite hustle competition, the Youth in Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (YAFF) award, and Making Moves’ season 8 entrepreneurial show.

Kgarose Kgaros manufactures and supplies agricultural products such as Yoghurt and fruit juice (Dairy Blend juices) to restaurants, retail outlets, gyms, and homes. The signature offering is Pota Yoga, a unique yoghurt made from sweet Potatoes.

Kgarose’s passion for cooking and experimenting helped him discover how to make juices and yoghurts from sweet potatoes- his dream came to life.

Kgarose explains, “trends and research show the is a growing interest in a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation of not just offering quality yoghurt and juice products but for our unwavering commitment to the wholesale and retail industry.”


Entrepreneurship was also a solution to reaching his dreams of financial stability, but he still needed to work hard. “Being self-employed was the only to achieve my dreams and create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for the youth in our communities,” he explains.

His company culture is about striving for success and implementing efficient systems. “It’s what we practice,” he adds “This has helped grow our customer base each time we service customers and offer good quality products.”

Fortunately, because his product offering is so unique, his marketing strategy is tailored to reach his target market. He markets his products everywhere, from spaza shops to formal markets and also on social media.

Based on this, success for him is when he established systems that can run without his presence and make waves. More importantly, he adds that success in entrepreneurship is when you make money through sales because without sales there is no business.


Kgarose’s favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is interacting with customers and playing with ingredients. He adds “that his most satisfying moment in business is just getting the products right.”

Despite this seamless process, his strength is his spirituality. “I don’t have any fears because I strongly believe that God and my ancestors will not abandon me,” he affirms.

As an entrepreneur, he motivates himself. This mindset enables him to generate new ideas and implement them, so there is no need for proper planning. “I just think and implement,” he concludes.

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