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Dubis Double Layer Quality Silk Bonnet


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Dubis double layer quality silk bonnet is made in South Africa and it is of good guaranteed quality


The silk bonnet is soft, smooth, and made out of 100% of the best quality silk. Benefits of wearing silk hair bonnet:

– Help to retain the freshness of your hairstyle.
– Help prevent the hair from getting dry, frizzy, and breaking.
– Protect your hair from hash treatment such as cotton fabric while sleeping.
– Sleeping with a silk bonnet means no more spilled ends.
– Comfortable to wear.
– Can seal moisture of hair and increase shine.

Ideas: You can buy it as a gift for your wife, Mother, Sister, friend, and mother-in-law.
– You can wear it when you sleep
– You can wear it when doing facial
– You can wear it when you are at the spa.
– Dubis double layer Silk bonnet is good for people who have different hairstyles like long braids, cornrows, and normal hair.

What’s in the box
1 X Satin Bonnet

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Dubis Double Layer Quality Silk Bonnet