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A well balanced and locally roasted instant coffee with a less bitter taste is what we got for you! why drink bitter coffee during these harsh and trying times? our brands slogan ''Life is bitter,your coffee shouldn't be'' reflects our pure desire to tell South African stories which we relate to,that can be bitter on people such as load shedding, difficulties in relationdhips, rising costs and interest rates etc,we therefore offer a little bit of sweetness in life's bitter moments.


LebzCafé is a coffee company that offers a wide range of coffee including a 100% Freeze Dried Premium Instant Coffee, Coffee Beans, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte and Still Water. The name “LebzCafé” is a frankenword of the words “Lebohang//Lebza” and “Café”, our founder.

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LebzCafe iKoffie Instant Coffee