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Ziyanda Kettle


Kettle is a transformation from the conventional style into a stunning, distinct and contemporary kettle without corners and edges. The electric cordless kettle boasts organic African female curves and fluid form.


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The next generation of kitchen appliances

We have defined the meaning of a bespoke and distinctive African brand in the kitchen appliance industry, which reflects the essence of its location. Ziyanda offers a unique philosophy based on its eclecticism, luxury details, and refinement of the ordinary.

Ziyanda Appliances is a small company from South Africa, Johannesburg offering premium kitchen appliances with technical excellence and design.

Ziyanda is a Zulu female name meaning “the expansion” or “the multiplication of something”, the idea sprung with the motive of seeking a way to preserve, express and innovate the iconic Potjie. Potjie meaning “Pot” has been part of the African culture since the settlers arrived on the continent, in itself, is an occasion celebrated by all cultures regardless of race. Forging its style and axes which influences the outlook for design-oriented clients who demand a unique vision.

We are poised to take the necessary steps forward to establish ourselves as competitors in the high-end kitchen appliance industry.


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