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The South African Juice Industry Landscape Report 2022 forecasted that the South African Juice industry will grow at a CAGR of 6.30%. In 2021 the forecast was R13 437 Million, with 2026 expected to be R18 052 Million – which proves that this is a thriving industry.

One thing that the report highlighted is the change in consumer trends, with them being more mindful and conscious of what they consume as well as the environmental impact the brands have. This shift has created a need for innovative and healthier options that don’t compromise on taste, quality, and pricing.

However, the upside is that it has created room for new players to enter this competitive industry. With a 3.4% growth year-on-year growth in South Africa, this is a favorable market for entrepreneurs to explore and offer products that meet consumer demands.

Supporting local brands

Fortunately, platforms such as Ourlives Marketplace, feature locally-made soft drinks & juices brands that are just as good as the big brands.

Here are a few brands to watch:

Mofaya ignite your mind

Mtswako Juice is a natural offering with no colorants and doesn’t contain any preservatives, and helps to boost the immune system.

YaMama Gemmer is a home-crafted concentrate with an intense ginger flavour ready for you to just add water and drink.

Tribal Smoothies are delicious and nutritious smoothies that are perfect for breakfast, post-workouts, and lunch breaks.

Pota Yoga is made from purely agricultural products, viz a viz, sweet potatoes blended with cow milk, and various delicious fruit flavors to give it a mouth-watering taste without compromising healthy eating and drinking. The products are fat-free and come in a 200g,500g, or 5 liters packaging bottle that is easy and suitable for either the sitting or “drink on the go” consumers respectively.

Lesedi-Baaa is a brand focused on healthy eating by providing a delicious and wholesome selection of nutritious beverages created with the consumer’s convenience in mind.

Whether it’s pressed or concentrated fruit and/or vegetable, the market is big enough for everyone.

Getting it right- taste and quality

According to Statisa.com, there is an upward trend towards less-sugared drinks. The biggest move is towards juice mixtures and ready-made smoothies, which are consumed for perceived nutritional benefits and are generating the highest growth.

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