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Sheldon Tatchell

Sheldon Tatchell, founder and CEO of Legends Barbershop.

Today we celebrate an Icon, Sheldon Tatchell the Founder of Legends Barbershop that began his career cutting hair from his stoep in Eldorado Park. Today since the launch of Legends Barber in 2014 he has opened 65 stores in South Africa , 1 x Namibia, 2 x Botswana & 1 x Lesotho. employing over 400+ staff members with 30 active training centres empowering the next generation of barbers.

Here’s a piece of history on how the name “Legends Barbershop” came about.

Back in the early days of 2011, They had a barbershop in the heart of Eldorado Park ext2, at a place known as “The Impact”. They had no store name, finding their feet as a brand they were known as “The Barbershop”.

As part of giving back, they were always out to serve the elderly at old age homes in and around the community of Eldorado Park. Therefore they at Legends made available training facilities in and around South Africa and slowly moving further into Africa. With 12 centres and counting, and the latest being in Gaborone Botswana.

Serving them freely at their old age was not only honourable for us but it also came with a sense of purpose behind what they were doing. Giving back to them, the true legendary people of our communities, Legends Barbershop became.

Our LegendsGiveBack initiative is part of their philosophy, there existence and they believe in making a difference in communities with one haircut at a time. They believe a haircut can change the way you feel inside and out. Therefore they take pride in it.

Today, apart from making regular visits to elderly homes and the streets, serving those who are less fortunate and unable, they also empower local entrepreneurs in struggling communities with equipment and tools to get ahead in their business.

By doing this they hope to achieve that which can inspire others to give back in their own capacity, they seek to model a culture of giving relentlessly as servant leaders. It’s not just a haircut, it’s a movement.

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