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Tailor made to suit your uniqueness

Founded by Xolisa Mgqubeni, Suit Luxe is a bespoke suit tailor making brand. Xolisa’s mother is a dressmaker, his grandmother is a retired dressmaker, and his late grandfather owned his own tailoring business. He affirms that he and his family have a special bond when it comes to working with and putting together cloth.

By the time he was 13 years old, he already knew how to alter his school pants and shirt to a perfect fit. His grandmother and mother share the same sentiment when it comes to their tailoring machines, no one uses them. They were overprotective with their sewing machines, so he resorted to handwork. He has always been obsessed with the fit and disliked clothes that were too loose.

He was so obsessed with how a suit should fit that he even had his favourite line, “If you can’t invest in a good quality suit, then invest in a perfect fit”. That’s how he ran his business back in University. Of course, he couldn’t afford bespoke suits, so he turned to ready-to-wear suits because they were relatively cheaper and he could make his own alterations to ensure a perfect fit. When graduation students started asking where he got his suits, he decided to play the intermediary.

Now, he runs his own suit brand, Suit Luxe, which specializes in bespoke suits and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They take pride in their high-end fabric selection and luxury craftsmanship, including Holland and Sherry, Drago, and many others.

Whether you’re going to a business meeting to close deals in style or to your wedding to compliment your beautiful wife and your day-to-day elegant office/work suits made of breathable, natural stretch, luxurious fabrics, a well-crafted suit from Suit Luxe will boost your ego.

From their tailors to their stylists and consultants, their team is passionate about fashion and excellent craftsmanship.

Here’s the process Suit Luxe follows when making your suit:

  1. Talking about your requirements and preferences to develop your individual style.
  2. Selecting a cloth that will fit your style and price range.
  3. Discussing your ideal fit while taking your measurements.
  4. Preparing for your fit. Deciding on each fit criterion.
  5. Deciding on the suit’s lining. Your lining can help you express yourself.
  6. Selecting a button that will go with your suit and your personality.
  7. At this point, your suit will be finished and may only need one final fitting before it is ready to wear.
  8. The next step is to coordinate your accessories to finish the look.
  9. Looking your absolute best!

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