Taking The Stress Out Of Hair Care

Looking after your crown is essential, especially with the amount of hair care products on offer. Finding specific products that don’t damage, break or affect your hair texture, and give you the results you require is a different story especially if you have natural hair.

Fortunately, the founders of FroMinimal Lucrecia and Wendy saw how complicated and marginally effective haircare products were and wanted to simplify the process and take the stress out of haircare. Wendy says “Our hair journey is centered around simplicity and this is why we decided to make a brand that brings that to others.” She adds that it was their drive to want to shape a tailored version of what a haircare brand needs to be, and the entrepreneurship aspect of it was a by-product.

FroMinimal has a customer-centric culture. Everything is seen through the eyes of the customer and decisions are based on these observations. The name is also anchored around simplicity like the products and usability of their product range.

Their secret to success is knowing and understanding the marketing game and their target market. Their thriving customer base is built on trust because they understand the importance of customers trusting you and your products. The ladies say that this is the key to creating, building and maintaining loyal supporters. “The brand must not only excite them but also be trustworthy because they will be closing to spend their hard-earned cash with you over other brands.”

Social media has been their main marketing tactic, along with entering conversations about haircare and showing potential customers why their brand can service their needs. “Speaking to customers and peers always helps us get a sense of where our consumer’s needs and mindsets are, and from that one can shape ideas that will help solve for those needs.”

Their motivation comes from wanting financial freedom and having the power to create something meaningful that allows you to build those around you and have a positive impact on their lives. Lucrecia fears

living a life without having a purpose and fulfilling that purpose, while Wendy fears looking back and regretting not doing something/missing out on an opportunity because of fear of failure.

For them, success is achieving and even surpassing whatever dreams and goals one has in life. They add that how big or what those would be is an individual thing but surpassing them is the ultimate marker of success in our opinion.

Their journey to entrepreneurship is based on continuously learning. “There are always skills one can learn to apply that make one a better entrepreneur however, we don’t believe that there is a one size fits all in entrepreneurship.”

They add that entrepreneurship needs innovators, disruptors and people who don’t generally conform to a single formula and the most successful of them all seem to have their special recipe for their success. “So one can have some key characteristics that can help one become a successful entrepreneur but I do not believe that there is a straightforward formula for it.”

However, being an entrepreneur means having ownership over something that was a simple idea but has turned into something you can touch/see. You feel such pride and the feeling is so rewarding because the work you put in is ultimately for you and no one else.

So far the most satisfying moment in business has been launching their brand. “We had spent the better part of a year creating the products and the brand, but when we finally launched, then it dawned on us that we were doing this and our hard work was starting to yield results. That feeling was so satisfying.”

The ladies saw a need and tapped into a market they understood, and this was a winning move.

The founders of FroMinimal Lucrecia and Wendy

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