The taste of home baked goodness

Velly Mamaila was only in high school when the idea of starting his own business lingered in his mind. Although he waited after completing his studies to venture in the baking industry, it is evident that he has always been business savvy.

Operating in Ga-Moloi, Limpopo, Ragosebo’s Bakery promises you nothing but the best in freshly baked products. The bakery was named after Mamaila’s mother, who taught him how to bake and who happens to be his muse.

Although Ragosebo’s bakery only garnered popularity last year, Velly had always been pushing his business prior to that. Like any other entrepreneur out there, he started small. He started baking at home using only his regular oven.

Mamaila accredited his success to his marketing techniques and his very loyal customers. “I mostly rely on face to face marketing. I always make it a point to inform my friends, family or anyone that I come across about my bakery,” he said. He also shared the powerful impact digital marketing has had on his business.

Despite the fact that his company is expanding, Velly insists that the secret to its success is showing his clients kindness, love, and warmth. He added that what motivates him to do better is his consumers and how well they perceive his company.

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