Top 10 local brands for Januworry

We might still be navigating a new terrain due to the global pandemic but life, as fragmented as it is, needs to go on and that means its business as usual. It’s a new year but our mandate is still the same, our goal is to help promote and give a helping hand to entrepreneurs because we know they are part of the solution to the challenges that plague our country. So cheers to 2022 and here is to us playing our part.

One thing that I love about South Africa is that despite the different cultures and languages one thing is certain, drip is forever even though mswenko is subjective. We seem to find or create the rainbow at the end of the storm and understand what we need to keep going.

So here is our take on the top ten brands (services and products) for January that will make the next 360 days (yes January is that long) less gloomy. These brands are sure to help you step out in style, navigate life and all the changes that come with it, carry the weight during hard times and maybe add a bit of colour to your life even though the bank account might be on one bar.

Here is our nice to have, must-haves and services to use in no particular order.

1: Vaya Sneakers

This sneaker business is centred around igniting the hustle and ambition in the hearts of South Africans. The word ‘VAYA’ means “go”, “to go” or “going”, in essence, it’s motivation to “Go get it!” which translates to “chase or go after your dreams.”

2: Nkukhu Box

Nkukhu Box offers high quality grilled chicken products that are on par with international standards and other big brands. Its unique selling point is taste because it embraces African flavours, culture, lifestyle and fashion through food.

3: Sendoff 

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is hard enough without unreliable service providers, pressure sales tactics, unfeeling claims administrators and the predatory behaviours that have come to define parts of the death care industry. Sendoff makes the process of managing a loved one’s passing easier and allows the client to focus on family and grieving, and not the admin.

4: DroppaZA

Droppa is an on-demand delivery service that makes it safer and easier to move office or household goods and furniture. It takes the strain out of the equation and replaces it with efficiency and convenience.

5: SMC Sox

Socks are no longer the gift no one wants, these are a perfect gift for stylish, outspoken and sophisticated individuals who are confident, different, and about cultural preservation.

6: Kairos Leplanka

This eco-jewellery company crafts personalised middle to high-end wooden timepieces and accessories. The products are handcrafted with ancient sustainable wood, steel and 100% genuine leather amongst other materials.

7: Tosh Detergent

Nothing says welcome than a clean space. Tosh offers cleaning detergents for all your housekeeping needs. Whether you are tidying up or tackling stains or conditioning your garments, they have you covered.

8: Thuto Stationery

This is not an ordinary stationery brand. It’s unique, colourful, artistic, and African It draws inspiration from our diverse cultures. Thuto offers cool, fun and stylish must-haves that will make navigating life, studying and meeting deadlines a tad more colourful.

9: Moritelo Naturals Care

Moritelo is a start-up business specializing in manufacturing products for the skin. The products are specifically for teenagers and women with facial skin concerns. The company is 100 % black-owned and managed by Supply Chain Graduate Onneile Khwene, who created a brand and named it in Setswana, Moritelo for its product lines provides natural solutions to Teenage and Women who have facial conditions of Acne-prone, Blemishes, Pigmentations & Uneven skin Toned.

10: Evoke Advertising Agency

Evoke Advertising Agency is a black owned Integrated marketing communications agency, which provides solutions that tackle brands communications challenges by giving their business a voice through Digital Marketing Solutions.

I don’t know about you but these are the brands and service providers that are currently giving us #FOMO. So ba’ thempele and do it in proudly mzansi products or outsource your needs to a local service provider. And if you have any local brands that make you happy or brands you would like to see on Ourlives please share them with us. All I can say is that these brands are #goals.

Our next top ten brands will add that spice and increase the korobela so that there are flames when you serve those #couplegoals come February 14. In the meantime hope to catch you on the streets pushing proudly mzansi gear and using local service providers because you know mos, local is lekker.

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