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TOSH Detergents – Lufuno Rasoesoe

TOSH Detergents – Lufuno Rasoesoe

“The unique formulation of our products is one major aspect that gives TOSH Detergents a competitive advantage. Our products are ultra-concentrated ensuring that the value exceeds cost. ” Says Lufuno Rasoesoe, The founder of TOSH Detergents.

TOSH Detergents was formed as an economic business initiative to respond to the current hygiene and economic challenges. With the objective to empower young leaders through sustainable job opportunities, leveraging the potential of the women in our communities and raising awareness on the importance of good hygiene and clean spaces.

TOSH Detergents was solely founded by Lufuno Rasoesoe in March 2021 after identifying that hygiene is an issue that required plenty role-players who will come about with solutions that can drastically reduce its effect while creating permanent solutions to the high rate of unemployment. A solution that will create a quality product at a cost effective rate that customers can afford and effectively use. And offering employment to the local community that will help combat most of the socio-economic challenges our community faces

The detergent range exists to distribute environmentally friendly cleaning detergents through an efficient and effective distribution system that targets mass market. Tosh Detergents products are locally produced with quality content that adheres to specifications. They are ultra-concentrated to ensure that the customers use less while it lasts them more.

At TOSH Detergents, They understand and accept responsibility that they have to contribute to a healthy and independent African economy. For them, this means starting from scratch to ensure that they create products that they will be able to improve over time. This encourages them to focus on sustainability, ensuring that products are safe for consumers and have a low impact on the environment as far as possible.

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