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Tosh detergents, More than just a clean home

The devastation of Covid-19 and lockdown forced everyone to look at alternative ways to make money. What was once a daunting task has now turned into a thriving business for civil engineer Lufuno Rasoesoe.

Rasoesoe recalls how her mother’s love for soap making, a self-taught skill, was a daunting exercise that required her to assist and remember all measurements as she poured in the raw materials. “They smelt awful, and only now do I realise that she never used fragrances but I loved cleaning. I love clean spaces, for every item I buy, I smell the product.”

It was this love for cleaning and a passion for fragranced products that birthed the idea to fuse the two and offer a product that does the job and leaves your home smelling good.

Today, Rasoesoe is the founder of Touch, Opulence, Scent and Harness (Tosh Detergents), a manufacturer of a wide range of quality household cleaning detergents. Although it launched in March 2021, Tosh Detergents is listed with ProudlySA. Its wide range of cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, pine gel, thick bleach, window cleaner, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner can be found at SPAR centurion and Venda soon.

Customer service counts

She credits her success to a well-established customer base built from retaining customers from various platforms such as social media platforms, radio and TV interviews. And how much Africans have embraced the brand and shown support. “Africa is ready to embrace its own. Entrepreneurs need to keep happy clients happy because they will draw more customers to you. Nothing is as satisfying as receiving a call from a customer saying I just want to support one of our own.”
Her culture of transparency, honesty and excellence is what sets her apart. “For me, it’s easy, treat your clients the same way you want to be treated. Be honest, deliver when you have to and don’t make empty promises. I realised that customer’s value honesty and that makes them loyal.”
Rasoesoe greatest motivation is her belief. “I believe I am born for greatness, and if I haven’t reached greatness, then that is what must wake me up each morning. My kids also motivate me to work hard, I don’t want them to experience the harsh ills of unemployment.” And even though she feels as though her greatest failure is never living a purposeful life, a life without impact. She surrounds herself with positive people and positive environments. “And I’m careful about what I read or listen to. If it instils fear, I detach. I keep my well full with positivity.”

Success for Rasoesoe is waking up each day no matter what and finishing what you started. No matter how much you fall, but treading forward against all odds, no matter what.

The essence of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey but when your strength shines through, it’s so fulfilling. Self-Motivation is doing it even though no one is cheering you on. Consistency is showing up each day, no matter what. And this is what she lives by. And she adds “It’s surprising how strong, powerful, creative and daring I am.”

Entrepreneurship is a journey that seeks to fill in a gap but what many often forget is that it needs to span from something you love. And in Rasoesoe’s case, it was her love of cleaning and the ability to make soap, thanks to her mom’s teachings. And even though she might be doing business in an already saturated market, she is claiming her place and getting noticed.

Rasoesoe loves what she does, and has always known that there is so much more inside of her and that she needs to share it with the world. For her, Tosh Detergents is a way to better her life, her society but more importantly a way to contribute to positive change in the world.

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