Tshepo Mohlala

Tshepo Mohlala – Exceeding limitations

Hailing from a small township called Tsakane, in view of the mining ruins that helped disseminate the reputation of denim, Tshepo Mohlala is an entrepreneur and Jean maker. Although he is now a renowned entrepreneur, he has not always had an easy life.

He was raised by his mother and grandmother whose words, “Tshepo, you’re a gentleman and should always look like one” lingered in his head every morning when he got dressed. Due to financial difficulties, Tshepo dropped out of school twice.

However, he did not allow his circumstances to prevent him from achieving his goals. Over the years, he has been able to establish a reputation for himself, establish a trustworthy brand, hire staff, and motivate others to get up and start doing incredible things.

TSHEPO is a lifestyle brand based in South Africa that provides both ready-to-wear and custom denim apparel. The brand has become well-known among regular South Africans and people all over the globe, where it has received praise.

The choice to specialise in denim was made because of its distinctively nostalgic nature and capacity to narrate tales. Tshepo believes that your jeans are a reflection of who you are. Denim becomes an integral part of you, a distinctive truth-telling passport.

The three formidable women who played an immense role in Tshepo’s upbringing; his mother Masesi, his grandma Magriza, and his fashionable aunt Takalani inspired the design of the TSHEPO logo, which features a three-pronged crown. The aforementioned permitted Tshepo to wear his crown. Each peak stands for a woman who helped him become the man wearing the crown.

Their Atelier, located in Victoria Yards on the outskirts of the Johannesburg Central Business District, houses the brand’s essence. TSHEPO is dedicated to the growth of denim through the promotion of Africanism and localization. By valuing the past, recognizing the present, and planning for the future, TSHEPO honours the denim’s capacity to withstand the weight of time.

TSHEPO highlights the common demin cloth that many of us casually wear at work, during downtime, and in a variety of hues, patterns, and cuts.

Tshepo says, “My wish is for every young men and women who come from nothing to stay woke and focus on the bigger picture. Life is not a race. It a long lonely journey of self-discovery. Don’t give up! Be brave enough to leave a mark.”

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