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Mpho Hafani

We consistently aim for perfection, Says Mpho Hafani

Today we focus on a young black woman making waves in the South African cosmetics industry. Entrepreneur, Mpho Hafani, is the go-to person for personal care products. She’s the founder and CEO of Femade cosmetics which believes natural products are the best and quality assurance is key when they manufacture their skin and hair care products which are made from 100% cold pressed macadamia nut oil.

The business started when Mpho has a skin problem after a major medical procedure which left her skin dry and itchy. she couldn’t find any products on the market to help her. her parents introduced her to macadamia nut oil, the oil had amazing feel on the skin and helper her with other issues on her skin and hair.

she then started selling the oil to her friends and relatives who came back with testimonies about the oil and how the oil help them with issues such as, dry skin, eczema, dandruff, blemishes, hairlines, stretch marks, cracks heels, hair volume and ring worms.

Femade now have a range of products including body oil, body butter and body lotions and hand lotion, hair & scalp oil, hair butter. Femade products can be found at pick and pay, kayleah market, soshanguve Bloc HH and in Soweto naledi pilgrims market and takealot.


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