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Yenza Sneakers enhances customer experience

Yenza sneakers, the newly found but renowned sneakers brand with a mission to inspire and motivate through remarkable sneakers craftsmanship, has been capturing hearts across South Africa for its stylish and polished offerings. In an exhilarating development, Yenza is poised to unveil its inaugural retail outlet in Newton, Johannesburg in a high-profile grand opening slated for March 14th and 15th.

The brand Yenza has primarily made significant strides in the market via pop-up stores at eminent events throughout South Africa as well as their online store portal yenza.co.za. Now it’s ready to enhance its customer experience by launching their first brick-and-mortar store located strategically in Newtown Bantu Kraal, Johannesburg – reinforcing its commitment towards providing an accessible platform for consumers to engage with their products directly.

The event is said to be both a private and public invite. While the main private event will be held at the store the public is welcomed to RSVP to watch the event Live via Yenza4Culture social media live-broadcast platforms which includes yenza.co.za live podcast broadcast, Yenza Youtube live event broadcast, Instagram and Facebook. South Africa’s renowned celebrities and influencers such as Phil Mphela, LadyT, Eva, Nick Nkuna, Msizi Njapha, Dejavu DJ, just to mention a few are expected to be making an appearance for Yenza Newtown store grand opening. These influencers each bring a swirl of excitement while lending their unique charm to this remarkable occasion.

The forthcoming event is designed as an exclusive blend of private and public invitations. The primary ceremonials will occur privately within Yenza store premises, 1 Yenza Sneakers Newton store grand opening

meanwhile the general public is cordially invited to partake by RSVPing for live viewing access via Yenza’s cultural platform, ‘Yenza4Culture’. This encompasses several media channels like the yenza.co.za live podcast broadcast, Yenza’s Youtube Live events coverage, along with Instagram and Facebook broadcasts.

To secure a seamless execution of the evening proceedings at the Yenza store launch event and to say that Yenza’s honoured VIPs receive exemplary hospitality, Yenza is proud to announce an array of notable sponsors for the grand opening launch of the Yenza Sneaker Store. Esteemed brands including RedBull, Schweppes, Black Rose, Monkey Shoulder and Valpre will be providing a selection of premium beverages as well as sumptuous delicacies.

In addition, Vidar Online Fashion Radio is poised to conduct a live broadcast from the Yenza store grand opening event aimed specifically at the sneaker-inspired content cultivated for Yenza Sneakers’ enthusiasts, collectively known as the Yenza4Culture community. This premium podcast session purports a dynamic fusion of engaging discussions expressly designed for dedicated sneaker aficionados and can be accessed in real time via both yenza.co.za and Vidar’s Internet-based platform, a fashion radio on vidar.co.za. The synergy between Yenza’s unique sneaker collection and the compelling narratives fuelled by the collaborative efforts on the Yenza4culture podcast serve not only as stimulating entertainment but also foster a profound sense of unity within this vivacious Yenza sneakers culture.

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